Sustainable Greener Hull (SGH) 
  Hull, MA 02045  (USA)
President, Patrick Guiney  pgte500@gmail.com 

December 2017 Meeting: TBA
Meetings are now held on 4th Tuesdays at the 
Weir River Estuary Center, on George Washington Boulevard. 

SOLAR ENERGY on Hull rooftops as a Community Project 

Get paid for producing Clean Energy for Massachusetts! 

System has to be operational by December 2017. 

In the state of Massachusetts, homeowners who install a solar system and have it operational by December 2017 will be paid for producing clean energy for the state. Starting in 2018 this payment will not be available to homeowners in Municipal Light Plants, as in Hull. These payments are connected to Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). See website for more information

Check out the Gas Leak Locations in Hull 


Sustainable South Shore

Quarterly Sustainable South Shore meetings in So. Shore Towns: 


OFFSHORE Massachusetts WIND FARMS - June/July 2017:

HULL WIND TURBINES 1 and 2: http://www.hullwind.org 


Sign up with a Hull Licensed Recycling and Trash Hauler. See Hull Health Department link. 

>> South Shore Recycling Co-op http://ssrcoop.info/ for recycling suggestions! Hull rejoined the South Shore Recycling Co-op in April, 2017.

>> SSRC HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DAYS are held in Spring and Fall at various SSRC Member S. Shore Towns. Check the SSRC website for Hull details/schedules and permits. Sept. 2017 was first HHW day in years!
>> PLASTIC BAGS, WRAPPING, etc. Place all clean plastic wrapping and bags in a recyclable bag and take to Stop and Shop Shaw's or other grocery store. The plastic bag recycling container is usually found in the area as you enter the stores. 
>> SAFE MERCURY DISPOSAL: CFL Bulbs, Thermometers, etc.: 
Old CFL bulbs can also be recycled at Lowe's, Staples or Home Depot Stores or other local places.
>> TEXTILE RECYCLING: Bay State Textiles with the Hull Boosters Club provides a recycling bin at the Jacobs School for donations of outdated, worn out clothing,  shoes, purses, bedding, draperies and more. See www.baystatetextiles.com for complete list.
>> BOOKS, CDs RECYCLING and more: Drop off Books (tapes and CDs) at the Big Hearted Books Recycling Container at the Jacobs School. http://bigheartedbooks.com/ 
>> ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: TVs, Computers, Stereos, and more at any Best Buy or Staples location. Most items can be recycled for FREE. Check www.bestbuy.com or www.staples.com for more information. 
>> FREECYCLE: advertize online to donate furniture, toys, electronics, etc. Membership is free, and everything posted must be FREE, legal and appropriate for all ages. To view the items being given away or sought in Hingham/Hull, etc. area, sign up for membership.  https://groups.freecycle.org/HinghamMA/description  .
>> FURNITURE DONATIONS: Salvation Army - 508-586-1187 X 230; My Brother's Keeper: 508-238-7512; Friends of the Homeless: 781-340-1604. Wellspring, Hull.
>> METAL items: A-1 Metal Recycling, Hull and other companies. 
>> JUNK MAIL: www.OptOutPrescreen.com or www.DMAChoice.org  
>> ROOF SHINGLES: www.earth911.com/recycling-guide/how-to-recycle-shingles 

Reminder: See http://ssrcoop.info/ for more places to recycle items. Hull DPW may also have a Recycling list.


Sustainable Greener Hull


Members of Sustainable Greener Hull are working together to:

 1.      Enjoy green households
Use the Low Carbon Diet book, donated by Greener Hull and available at the Hull Public Library, to save money on energy and decrease your Carbon Dioxide pounds.  Help each other with making our homes greener.  Recycle more.
2.      Create a network of people to care for Hull’s land
Visit the Weir River Woods and support the Hull Land Conservation Trust.  Give input to updating Hull’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. Support the Weir River Watershed Association and the Weir River Estuary Center.
3.      Attend and Vote at Town Meetings
Support making electricity from renewable energy, including offshore wind turbines and solar power. Support Town wide municipal curbside recycling and trash pickup proposed study committee, a 2010 Town Meeting Resolution.
4.      Encourage sustainable food
Buy Local; Buy Organic; Grow Your Own; Encourage Community Gardens; Eat less meat!
5.      Create a green business community
Help make our own businesses greener.  Buy organic and other green products and services. Support shopping locally.  Promote Hull as a green community
6.      Support zero-emissions transportation
Walk and bicycle; Ride the bus, T, train and ferry boat; Carpool. Help create walking and bicycle routes and low speed roadways. Help people learn about and observe the anti-idling law.
7.        Supported the Updated Bottle Bill (UBB) for years. Collected signatures in 2013 and 2014 for the Ballot. Unsuccessful Ballot Initiative 11/4/14.
 Sustainable Greener Hull is a Chapter of Sustainable South Shore  www.sustainablesouthshore.org a Chapter of the Mass Climate Action Network  www.massclimateaction.net .
2017 Sustainable Greener Hull Events:
All Year: Solar Hull events. (see website: www.solarhull.org); Also Gas leaks in Hull; Electric Car events; Attending Hull Light Board Meetings.
2016 Sustainable Greener Hull Events:
All year: A few SGH Members attend monthly Hull Light Board Meetings and the Hingham/Hull Green Energy Group meetings.
July and following months: Check out Solar Hull, a Community   Project: www.solarhull.org 
Solar Tour: October 22 and 30th. This tour is organized in coordination with the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour month.  http://www.ases.org/solar-tour/                    
2015 Sustainable Greener Hull Events:
4/19 Breakfast Social at the Weir River Estuary Center. 
All year: A few SGH Members attended Hull Light Board Meetings and the Hingham/Hull Green Energy group meetings.
2014 Sustainable Greener Hull Events:
March 9th Annual Winter Social: Speakers: Turner Bledsoe of 350Mass S. Shore Node about MA Divestment Bill and other Speakers.
Recycling info. and reminders added to the SGH website by Nancy Kramer.
Supported the Updated Bottle Bill (UBB) for many years. Nancy Kramer and Judeth Van Hamm collected signatures in Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014 for the November Ballot. Unsuccessful Ballot Initiative 11/4/14
Local Municipal Net Metering Initiative: nonbinding Question #5: Passed in all three Towns that it was on the Ballot including Hull. 
Helped with the Hull Community Garden: Paul Mahoney and Patrick Guiney helped with building the garden plots.
Hull Walking Map: Judeth Van Hamm is working on the map and business cards.
2013 Sustainable Greener Hull Events
NESEA Green Open House Tour: Oct, 5 and Oct. 13: Judeth Van Hamm organized the Green Open Houses at the Weir River Estuary Center and at a private passive heated home in Hull.
Updated Bottle Bill Petition Signatures: Judeth Van Hamm and Nancy Kramer collected signatures for Hull and surrounding Towns at Hull's Endless Summer, various Farmer's Markets and other Events. Judeth contacted Sustainable South Shore Chapters to help them get involved. 
Annual Winter Social: Speaker: Judy Dorner, Hull Community Garden (HCG). SGH volunteers will be helping to construct the planting boxes for the Hull Community Garden and other HCG projects.
10th Annual Sustainable Living Expo - 2013 , a joint event was planned with the Hull Chamber 2nd Annual Nantasket Home Show, was scheduled for Feb. 2013, but was cancelled by the Chamber on Jan. 8, 2013.  
2012 Sustainable Greener Hull Expo and other Events 
Oct. 6, 2012: South Shore Celebration, Marshfield  Fairgrounds a Local Food and Sustainable Living Event www.southshorecelebration.com 
and NESEA Green Buildings Open House Tour: www.NESEA.org
June, July, August 2012: Hull Walking Tours
April 30, 2012: Film: Carbon Nation at Temple Beth Sholom, Hull. carbon nation is an optimistic, solutions-based, non-preachy, non-partisan, film that shows tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national & energy security and promotes health & a clean environment.

March 13 Meeting : www.meatlessmonday.com/ ; new SGH website; Hull Chamber Community Events;

Feb. 26 Social: Social, Music, Gardens at the Estuary Center. We started with banjo and mandolin music played by Jared Reineck. Then got tips for growing vegetable gardens, including heirloom tomatoes, from experienced Hull gardeners, including Ernie Lavoie, Jared Reineck and others. Patrick Guiney and Harriet Andler mentioned ideas from Sarah Stein’s book, Noah’s Garden, about transforming your yard to grow edible plants and also talked about their gardens. We enjoyed MA cider and fair trade coffee, thanks to Riddle’s Supermart in Hull, and various donated homemade desserts.
Feb. 4, 2012 9th Annual Expo Companies and Non-profit Organizations attending:
> Second Generation Energy www.sgegroup.com
> Northern Green, LLC  www.northerngreen.biz
> Pro Energy Consultants  www.targetinspections.com
> Go Green Web Directory www.gogreenwebdirectory.com
> Green Automotive  www.greenautomotive.com
> Renewable Energy Systems, LLC  www.ressolar.com
> Pearl's Premium, Inc.  www.pearlspremium.com
> Aquarion Water  www.aquarionwater.com 
South Shore Mobility  www.southshoremobility.com
> Hull Wind Turbines 1 & 2: www.hullwind.org
> Boston's Best Cruises Commuter Ferry: www.bostonsbestcruises.com
Braintree Toyota  www.toyotaofbraintree.com
> Hull Garden Club  www.HullGardenClub.com 
> Holly Hill Organic Farm  www.hollyhillfarm.org
Green Koala  www.greenkoala.net
> edible South Shore www.ediblesouthshore.com  
> Sustainable Greener Hull www.sustainablehull.org
Sustainable South Shore www.sustainablesouthshore.org 
> Mass Climate Action Network www.massclimateaction.net
 Thank you to the Nantasket Beach Resort, for the space and the Hull Nantasket Chamber for inviting Sustainable Greener Hull to have our annual Expo with their first annual Nantasket Home Show. See www.hullchamber.com for their Nantasket Home Show information.
 2012 Sustainable Living Expo Sponsors:
Fruit Center Marketplace (Hingham, Milton): www.fruitcentermarketplace.comSolectria Renewables, LLC (Lawrence): www.solren.comMichael Neusse, Attorney (Hingham): www.nuesselaw.com
Riddles Supermart (Hull) www.riddlessupermart.comNantasket Pharmacy (Hull)   www.nantasketpharmacy.com
Information Tables:
Hull organizations and Town Departments; Hull Land ConservationTrust (HLCT); Weir River Watershed Association (WRWA); Hull Health Department; Hull Municipal Light. Other organizations: South Shore Recycling Co-op (SSRC); North South River Watershed Association (NSRWA); Mass Audubon South Shore SanctuariesSouth Shore Natural Science Center (SSNSC); The Trustees of the Reservations (TTOR): MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP);
 2011 Sustainable Greener Hull Events
January: Membership Breakfast Social at the Weir River Estuary Center
March: Hull Clothesline Ongoing Photo Contest - Save Energy. Send your Hull clothesline photos to: Patrick Guiney pgt500@verizon.net .
April: Sat., April 16, 2011: 8th Annual Sustainable Living Expo, Earth Day event at the DCR Mary Jeanette Murray Bathhouse, Hull. Organizer: N. Kramer nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org See: http://www.sustainablesouthshore.org/expo2011
Thanks to Volunteers and 2011 Hull and other Town Expo Sponsors: Hull: Joan MeschinoMichael Nuesse, Attorney www.nuesselaw.com (Hingham, Hull); Queen Bee Fitness Center   www.queenbeefitness.comRockland Trust Bank www.rocklandtrust.com (Hull Branch); Lobster Express www.lobsterexpress.comRiddles Supermart   www.riddlessupermart.com; Jakes Seafood Restaurant   www.JakesSeafood.comCut 'n Dry Salon, www.cutndryetc.com
Go Green Web Directory www.gogreenwebdirectory.com (Marshfield); Fruit Center Marketplace   www.fruitcentermarketplace.com (Hingham, Milton); 
May: Sat., May 14: Pedal the Peninsula, 9 am to noon, (rain date, May 15). (selfguided) Deb Issokson hullbikeracks@gmail.com
October: Sat., Oct. 1: NESEA Green Homes Tour - Weir River Estuary Center, Hull
Sat., Oct. 8: South Shore Celebration, Marshfield - a Local Food and Sustainable Living Event www.southshorecelebration.com
2010 back to 2004 - see Sustainable South Shore Link for Earth Day Sustainable Living Expos and Festivals. First one was 2004 in July held outdoors. 2005 to 2011 held inside at the MJ Murray Bathhouse in Hull. The Feb. 2012 Expo was held  inside the Nantasket Hotel with the Hull Nantasket Chamber businesses. Nancy Kramer, Expo Organizer.